What to Expect


Visitors often express that their first experience at Bethel is a comfortable one. 

There is a presence of acceptance, openess and sensitivity.

Matthew 11:28

Powerful Music

We believe that God loves and enjoys when we sing songs to Him and about Him. 

We spend a portion of our time together singing songs that express truth about God.

Psalm 95:1

Teaching of Truth

We believe it's important to always be learning more about God. 

We take time each week to look at His teachings in a fresh & relevant way. 

John 4:24

Your First Visit

We are glad you've taken the time to visit our website. We hope that you'll find the time to join us on a Sunday morning or Wednesday evening sometime in the near future! Here's what you need to know:

TIME | One hour and thirty minutes

Our Sunday morning gatherings begin at 10:30 AM and we typically conclude at 12:00pm or shortly after.

FORMAT | Music - Prayer - Offering - Announcements - Sermon

Our services typically follow the same format. We start with 2 or 3 songs, followed by a time of prayer. We then take up our offering while checking out our latest announcements. After this, our pastor begins to share God's Word with us for 30-45 minutes. 

WHAT TO WEAR | Whatever you are comfortable in

Wear whatever you're comfortable wearing! We're more concerned with what's going on inside a person than with what they look like on the outside. From jeans to dress, Suit to T-shirt, just feel comfortable!

We know you have more questions and we want to answer them.

Feel free to contact us

Bringing Children? Awesome!

  • Nursery

    • The nursery is where we can let our little babies play and squeal to their delight while mommy and daddy enjoy the services. Our nursery is ran by our background-checked church volunteers.

    • The nursery is available on Sundays from 9:30am until 12:15pm.
  • Bethel Kids

    • Bethel Kids is a fun-packed church service for children ages 4-10 that takes place during our Sunday morning service.

    • Check in your kids in the Hill Center Foyer before Sunday morning service or Sunday School.

Get Directions

We are located at 800 Tshudi Rd in Amory, MS. 

Amory is a railroad town located in Northeast Mississippi near the historic city of Tupelo, MS.

If you need directions, just click the button below.